Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Jeopardy Ultimate Tournament of Champions

I have to mention tonight's loss by Bob Verini in the UToC (I am wont to use alphabet soup on you guys, but that one takes a while to type). As I wrote in my first entry, Bob was part of my earliest memories of the show, and it was sad to see him go down in his first game. He just never really got back into the game after losing it all on his early Daily Double. But, so goes a tournament in which all competitors are superb and one game decides it.

Tomorrow night another playa from the past returns in Frank Spangenburg. I remember him as the best I had ever seen during the regular season but also as someone who had disappointing showings in tournaments (e.g. Super Jeopardy and his Tournament of Champions). I hesitate to call him overrated like some at the message boards have been doing, just someone who doesn't do well when the pressure and / or competition is / are higher. I would like to see him win his game but don't think it will happen.

My prediction for the final is (depending on semifinal matchups, of course): (Jennings), Rutter, and Vered.



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