Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cycling year in review, 2008

Season start: 2/3/08
Season midpoint: 7/23/08
Season end: 11/3/08
Rides: 47
Total distance: 2676 km (1663 miles)
Average miles per ride: 35.4
Longest ride: 119.6 km (74.3 miles), 9/8
Fastest ride: 16.7 mph over 39.5 miles, 9/3
Fastest speed: 41.7 mph (heading south near Laurel / Knox County line on 1803) 9/8
Steepest ride: 4,482 vertical feet climbed, 7/23 (Rockcastle River ride)

Total distance good for second all-time (1741 miles in 2005), and is almost double last year's total (847 miles, thanks to the knee tendonitis). Not bad, considering my aversion to riding in the cold this year compared to years past.

Unfortunately this was the first year in several that I didn't ride in either the Tour de London (work) or the Red River Rally (vacation).

This year's rides, compared to years past, were fewer in number, longer in distance, and were probably as a result slower, although I haven't crunched those numbers. I set a new personal single-ride record in distance (74.3 miles vs. 71.6 miles on 8/14/06). It wasn't a lot further, but the average speed for this year's effort was significantly higher (16.2 mph vs. 15.3 mph), so I'm happy. Experience helps you feel out your physical and mental efficiencies.

My chief aim for next year is to make significant progress toward my biggest goal, a century. Certainly attainable, but I will have to find a way to carry another water bottle or two.

Season's highlight: new distance record
Season's most chilling fact: The Tour de France is a good 32% longer than my entire year's distance, and they do it in three weeks.
Season's lowlight: the dog wanting me to give it a hand on 8/6
Season's worst pun: see above



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