Monday, December 31, 2012

My Favorite Songs of 2012

Trust -- Shoom

Bleak gothic synth-pop. As good as "Sulk" is, this one is better. Three distinct movements. At 02:28, we are transported into another dimension...

Dinosaur Jr. -- Watch the Corners

A '90s band I never appreciated in situ, being familiar with them only by flipping from Depeche Mode to Dr. Dre at the record store.  I recently happened upon the albums from their late '00s revival and found them quite good.  The centerpiece of any latter-day Dinosaur Jr. song is the J. Mascis guitar solo, and here we get a soulfully soaring one for our listening pleasure, kicking in with a satisfying crunch at 02:56 and continuing for a gloriously solid minute-and-a-half to close the song.



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