Wednesday, May 04, 2005

5/4/05 Today's Ride

Route: 9.5 miles, Dorthae to Sweet Hollow loop with Stewart Road add-on.

Weather: Sunny, low 60's, wind ~10 mph.

Performance: average speed 14.9 mph, time 38:42. Average HR 165.

Comment: I had to cut this one short today due to apparent tachycardia. I felt fine, if a little tired after working for two days, but nothing out of the ordinary. I gave up hopes of spontaneous cardioversion after reaching Hopewell Church halfway through the ride. It was a little chilly in the wind anyway. Another setback after a near-record-total-distance April (228.3 miles) which saw my heart rate and general stamina improving significantly (34.5 miles @ 15.8 mph @ 130 HR by month's end). Too much work and too much cold...

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