Monday, June 20, 2005

6/18/05 Today's Ride

Route: 63.5 miles, Barbourville via Watch Road to Old 25 to Rossland to Highway 6, return via Highway 459 to Highway 6 to Woodbine to Stewart Road to American Greeting Road to Robinson Creek to Echo Valley to Rocky Branch.

Weather: partly cloudy, mid 70s, light wind.

Performance: average speed 16.1 mph, time 3:55:46. Average HR 141.

Comment: A new record with the metric century. I felt a little lethargic at first but somehow found another gear (and another, and another). Maybe it was the enchiladas poblanas I had the day before and the broccoli pasta and french fries for lunch that topped out my glycogen stores.

Paint Hill in Barbourville is a good technical hill for ascents...the descent (going into town) is great for cornering. 459 around Thomas Walker is a beautiful area. I had an average speed of 17 mph at 40 miles, but started to crash around mile 50...some hamstring stiffness and my heart rate, under good control all day, started to peep through more often. I've had a dull headache and fatigue all day; probably a good cue to rest.

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