Sunday, December 21, 2008

My favorite albums of 2008

1. Brighter Than Creation's Dark, Drive-By Truckers. Another gothic roots-rock epic from the current greatest rock band in the world. Best songs: "3 Dimes Down", "The Righteous Path", "A Ghost to Most"

2. Third, Portishead. An eerie, spooky, after-midnight fog of clinks, clanks, and hums. Best songs: "Silence", "The Rip", "We Carry On"

3. Mudcrutch, Mudcrutch. Tom Petty side project of laid-back country-rock. Best songs: "Scare Easy", "Lover of the Bayou", "Crystal River"

4. Dig Out Your Soul, Oasis. Thankfully it isn't bad. It's actually pretty dang good. Best songs: "I'm Outta Time", "Falling Down", "Waiting for the Rapture"

5. In the Future, Black Mountain. What would happen if Black Sabbath and late-60s Jefferson Airplane got together, indulged in various illicit substances, channelled Caress of Steel / 2112 -era Rush, and loaded the songs with doom riffs hewn from barbed wire and incense. Good times. Best songs: "Tyrants", "Wucan", "Bright Lights"

6. April, Sun Kil Moon. Arcane, ethereal, ghostly yet melodic music best listened to late at night. Best songs: "Tonight the Sky", "Moorestown", "Lost Verses"

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