Friday, June 05, 2009

Old music made new

I've listened to the new U2 album enough now to have formed a decent opinion. Pretty dang good, in spite of what most people have said. Don't judge the entire record on the basis of the first single, "Get on Your Boots" -- it may have the aggressive sound they were looking for but is actually one of the weaker songs on the album. The second single, "Magnificent", is a much better choice. Even if the record does fall off a little bit toward the end, there are no bad songs on it; some are very good. And that first part of the chorus on "Stand Up Comedy"...high point of the record.

Stand Up Comedy - U2

The verdict is still out on the new Depeche Mode ("Sounds of the Universe"). It was recorded with synthesizers of early-80s vintage...some have said it clinks and clanks like a Commodore 64. I agree, and that isn't bad. I listened to it for the first time somewhere over the North Atlantic at 3am, which had to have helped as far as atmosphere goes. I've heard it's a grower. "Fragile Tension" is without a doubt the best song on the record..."In Sympathy" is a respectable second.

Fragile Tension - Depeche Mode



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