Sunday, January 01, 2006

1/1/06 Today's Ride

Route: 50.5 km. Stewart Road to Echo Valley to Sam Parker Road to 1223 to Campground Road.

Weather: Partly cloudy, mid-50s, 10-15 mph wind.

Performance: average speed 23.5 kmph, time 2:08:49. Average HR 146.

Comment: Starting the new year off right with a solid ride considering the season. The weather was nice today except for the wind. Some early tachycardia (max 221) faded away by the time I reached the top of Queen Hill.

Last year's total distance: 2801.7 km / 1741.2 miles, roughly the distance from Corbin to Las Vegas. Easily bested last year's record of 1266.1, even with the two-month plus layoff between October and December.

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