Saturday, May 28, 2005

5/27/05 Today's ride

Route: 50.1 miles, extended Dorthae loop to Robinson Creek to Echo Valley (end-to-end) to Sam Parker Road to Woodbine route, return via Campground Road.

Weather: partly cloudy, mid 70s, breezy.

Performance: average speed 15.1 mph, time 3:19:38. Average HR 139.

Comment: My second half-century of the year. I started to crash toward the end (~40-45 miles) but still kept a respectable average speed. HR very cooperative. I had success with semi-meditation today...thinking about other things while riding lets you look down with surprise at the miles piling up on the odometer. Today's topic was Revenge of the Sith. Good movies always stick in my head for days afterwards, unlike bad ones that I can't remember the next day.

Random obervation: I saw a roadkill collie on the side of highway 6 outside of Woodbine. I recognized him as one who gamely chased me each time I passed through, yap-yapping, nostrils flaring. I imagine all cyclists experience a bittersweet feeling at such a sight.

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