Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Breadfan" by Budgie: Nugget de música

I'm experimenting with a new widget that will let you, my gentle reader, experience for yourself some proverbial sonic diamonds in the rough. It is my sincere hope that, in so doing, I can open your ears to musical experiences beyond your wildest imagination. I intend on making this a weekly event, and as I am sure all of you will be waiting patiently, please do not send me irate letters wondering where the next one is if I'm a bit behind. Also, I pray thee, please note that although I wholeheartedly endorse the selection that plays first, I cannot in any way endorse what may come afterwards. In fact, I may find it abhorrent. Please keep these facts in mind.

Anyway, this week's selection is from an early-70s British metal band named Budgie. Yes, it's a rather lame name, and unless you're a music scholar or old you've probably never heard of them. But I hope you'll agree with me that this is one fine tune. It makes me think of skulls, leather, and ape hanger handlebars. This, my peeps, is the proper way to rip off Led Zeppelin.

Press play now.

Breadfan - Budgie

I've also gone back to my older posts where I've referred to music and added the link so you can hear for yourself.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my lame attempt at music scholastics: "Breadfan" was actually covered by Metallica as was another Budgie song entitled "Crash Course in Brain Surgery".

Although Budgie did a nice job of ripping off Zeppelin, Metallia are the masters of ripping off all kinds of hidden gems so that every thought they were originals... worked good enough to get them a record deal...

2:15 AM  

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