Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Chase Vault Homepage 8/3/99 - 10/26/09

The last guestbook entry:

Thursday 05/07/2009 6:39:32am
Name: zac efron
Homepage Title:
Homepage URL:
Referred By: Just Surfed In
Location: hollywood
Comments: hi did you see 17 again

Answer: no. Significance: little.

RIP to my first significant creation on the Intrawebs.

Created from scratch, straight HTML, yo. No cut and paste EZ Page Creator biz-niss.

50,000+ hits over 10 years.

Cited as a reference on Wikipedia.

Yahoo has killed geocities, and with it, millions of little voices from internet history past. Some are no doubt happy to see the bad animated GIFs, poorly contrasting wallpapers, and Britney webring pages be put out of their misery, but the whole place had a definite nostalgia value. Some people (myself included) created webpages and quickly forgot about them, creating circa late-90s time capsules that floated down through time and space, waiting to be discovered. All gone now.

The Chase Vault Homepage still lives, albeit chopped into its individual files and stuffed in a folder on my desktop. One day it will live again. I just can't bear to put it up on Tripod.


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