Saturday, December 12, 2009

My favorite albums of 2009

2009: crap year for music.

Not much going on, I'm afraid. Not to say there wasn't any good stuff put out for the hungry masses...just more of a case of quality over quantity.

So few of them, these ARE in order.

1. Fever Ray, Fever Ray. Solo project by the singer from The Knife sounds like, guess what...The Knife! This is not a bad thing. Just a bit more laid-back sounding than her other band. And like The Knife, many songs have a vague tropical vibe to them. "Triangle Walks" kind of tastes like Miami Vice.

Best songs: Seven, Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog remix).

Triangle Walks (Rex The Dog Remix Radio Edit) - Fever Ray

2. Journal for Plague Lovers, Manic Street Preachers. Crunchy yet melodic tunes garnished with vintage grunge lyrics. Turns out this album was created in part by using the band's vanished bassist's old notebooks.

Best songs: Peeled Apples, Virginia State Epileptic Colony

3. The Blue Record, Baroness. It's a metal album, but a grab-bag of one that is hard to pin down stylistically. Also, it is on this list, so it is good.

Best songs: Ogeechee Hymnal, The Sweetest Curse



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