Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Thoughts on Jeopardy's Ultimate Tournament

Dang, I could have made some money on this. See my 5/3 post on my finals prediction (ignore the Frank Spangenburg part though). I had Rutter as the champ too.

Everybody seems to be surprised that Ken lost. It's interesting to me how many people automatically assume that he is the best ever because he won 74 straight games. While it is true that his was an amazing accomplishment, there are plenty of players from the 5-day-limit era who could have pulled off similar feats had they been given the chance. To me it seems coincidental that they lifted the five-day limit and then just a few months later Ken comes along and does what he does. Only time will tell where Ken stands in the Jeopardy annals. I predict that we will see at least one or two more "mega-champions" over the next few years.

Ken is an excellent player, no doubt. He stayed right with two of the greatest Jeopardy champions of all time. But in this tournament, he was simply a giant among giants.



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